Muharram 2017 Permission

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Name Of Akhra/Muharram Committee  
Address Of Akhra/Muharram Committee  
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PS Of Akhra/Muharram Committee    
Name Of Khalifa    
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Name Of Playing Ground    
Number of devotees in the akhra ( Approx figure)  
No Of Tazia  
Name Of Karbala    
Distance of Karbala From starting Place (Approx in kilomiter)    
Route ( Name of important place /point in the route)    
 Procession on   30 Sep 2017
Sarting Place    
Sarting Time [Starting Time should be after 6:00 PM]    
Ending Place    
Ending Time    
 Procession on   01 Oct 2017
Sarting Place    
Sarting Time    
Ending Place    
Ending Time    
Submission Date 18/07/2018
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