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Puja Budget 2016
Puja Budget 2017 Approx  
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Pandel Height [Ft]  
Name Of Municipality [If in Municipal Area]
Name Of Panchayet [If in Panchayat Area]
Name Of Immersion Place  
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Immersion Date [No immersion is allowed on 30/09/17 after 6 p.m. and on 01/10/17]    Click Here to Pick up the date  
Immersion Time From  
Immersion Time To  
Route Of Procession  
No Of Musicians In The Procession  
No Of Persons In The Procession  
Whether Puja Permission Granted in 2016  
Whether Immersion Permission Granted in 2016  
Puja Permission 2016 Reference Number [If Applicable, Otherwise write NA]  
Immersion License 2016 Reference Number [If Applicable, Otherwise write NA]  
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Submission Date 18/07/2018
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